Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Second Day of Creation

     When one considers the quantity of work that was done on the various days of Creation, Day 2 seems almost like Casual Friday in some respects.  Remember, on Day 1, God created an enormous expanse that, for all we know, has no physical limit.  No small feat, at least from a finite being's point of view.  Other days appear to be full of more than one activity.  Day 2, however, covers exactly one event - the separation of the waters.

     According to v.  2, "the spirit of God moved on the face of the waters" and v. 3 tells us "the earth was without form and void."  It could be that God created the "earth" as a large vapor cloud, which was confined to a specific area, thereby allowing the concept of a "surface."  We could imagine that this cloud covered a large area as large as the Solar System (which did not technically exist yet).  It could have been bigger or smaller, of course.  There is no way to discover from the text.

     Then, on Day 2, perhaps God condensed what we could consider the inner part of the cloud until it became liquid. But what of the "separation"?  The outer section of the original cloud could have been formed as some sort of vapour shield suspended high in the atmosphere, giving the Earth a global tropical environment.  This condition will be important for future considerations on other days of Creation.  There is lot to say here.  These are just ideas that have been bouncing around my head.  For more articles on Creation, see the Answers In Genesis website:

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